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At Central City Steel, we provide a seamless and lucrative solution for selling your non-ferrous metals and alloys. Non-ferrous metals, unlike their ferrous counterparts, do not contain iron. This category includes a wide range of metals, and at Central City Steel, we specialize in purchasing stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, titanium, nickel, and chrome-moly. If you’re looking to turn these valuable materials into immediate cash, look no further – we are here to buy.

Non-ferrous metals hold a distinct position in the industrial landscape due to their unique properties and applications. Stainless steel, prized for its corrosion resistance, finds its way into various sectors, from construction to food processing. Aluminum, known for its lightweight yet robust nature, is a staple in aerospace and automotive industries. Copper, brass, and bronze, with their excellent conductivity and malleability, are essential components in electrical applications and artistic endeavors. Titanium, nickel, and chrome-moly, known for their strength and durability, play critical roles in aerospace and engineering.

Central City Steel recognizes the intrinsic value of non-ferrous metals and alloys, and we’re committed to offering competitive prices for your materials. We are ready to purchase surplus stainless steel from a construction project, excess aluminum from manufacturing, or obsolete copper and brass components, and more.

Selling non-ferrous metals to us is a straightforward and efficient process. The professionals at Central City Steel have decades of experience and understand the unique qualities of each metal type and will give you a competitive offer for your materials. We prioritize transparency and efficiency, ensuring that you receive top dollar for your stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, titanium, nickel, and chrome-moly.

If you have non-ferrous metals and alloys that you’re looking to sell, trust Central City Steel to be your reliable partner. We and are dedicated to making the selling process as seamless as possible, allowing you to convert your valuable materials into working capital effortlessly.

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Central City Steel has the ability to purchase material both domestically and internationally, and we coordinate the removal of all purchased products.

We are able to purchase lots of various sizes outright, as well as work in conjunction with your firm to sell your surplus for a commission.

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