Partner With Us

Central City Steel has experience and expertise when firms or agents have inventory that they need to sell or buy, both domestically and internationally. We are able to be flexible to your specific needs, and customize our solutions in order to maximize returns.

We have also worked with domestic companies who rely on an experienced team to handle their assets regardless of the location, and have the ability buy material outright, or sell on their behalf. We have also worked with firms outside the US, acting as agents for them domestically, selling product on their behalf for an agreed upon commission.

We are always open to new opportunities and ventures, and if you are an agent or a firm looking for more details on how we can work together, please contact us for more details.

Central City Steel can be your partner regardless of your need.

  • Do you have surplus inventory and require a firm to handle the disposition of those assets on your behalf?
  • Are you in need of a source of material for your projects, both domestically and internationally?
  • Do you have ongoing business in the US and don’t have a domestic agent to sell your product on your behalf?

Central City Steel Provides A Streamlined Process To Purchase Your Surplus Inventory Materials